Tuesday, August 1, 2017

"Ordinary and the Sacred"

My Friend,  you are many miles away
 The distance means nothing in a Friendship such as ours
I reach for your hand, and it is there
Our hands clasp in the Strength of  Friendship
I know you are with me; and that is good
I know that you care; and that is better
I sense the Warmth that is you-
and at the same time, me.  

I know you will stay awhile; and I am glad
You understand my fierce independence
There is no criticism between us
WShare a time that dwells on the edge of night
 Lingering, until the morning borders
All boundaries fade into the shadows-
Only Sacred  Light remains.

We do not have secrets
We have known each other for a very long time
Our Souls met and touched, somewhere on the Other Side
Our lives remain separate; our Hearts joined
 We come together, with a mutual Grace
When it is right; and that is good-
There is only room for the Truth of Knowing; and that is better.

I do not miss you, when it is time for us to part
The Strength and Tenderness of Being, remains
There is no holding on, as time must move forward
We are each Stronger for the time, shared
  Embracing that which is born out of struggle
 Seen through the eyes of Acceptance and Compassion-
We each seek the Path.

 I love you; and that is good
You love me; and that is better
It is a love that is born of the Divine
We speak the ancient language of the Circle
A language rooted in the Ordinary and the Sacred       
This is the Way of the Warrior- 
My Friend, "May all be well with you."

Alicia O'Hara
~ Copyrighted Material; 6 October, 2013

~ Beannaichte'
     1 August, 2017

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