Monday, December 30, 2013

"If I Should not Wake Up in the Morning"

~In Dedication to my sister, Sharon, who died on 23 March, of this year, after a
long battle, with cancer. Though the disease conquered her body, it could never
conquer her incredibly Brave and Beautiful Spirit.
On Christmas Day, of this year,
her husband, David, completed his earthly Journey,
joining his wife, and long-time companion, of many years.
May God comfort those who mourn...
~We Remember Sharon and David...We Remember!

~If I should not wake up in the morning
Remember that I love you.
As the Morning Sun
Streams through the window
I will be in every ray.

As you walk along an empty beach
With seemingly just the sound 
Of the Surf for company
It will be saying;
"I am here."

In the Midst of the greatest Storm
With a Hurricane Force wind blowing
It will be shouting;
"I am with you, Always.

In the Darkness of the Night
When you are sleeping
And your slumber is disturbed
By a sound, that you are not sure
That you really did hear
It is only me Whispering-
That I am Near.

Remember this,
If I should not wake up one morning.

~ Dusti Rodes c.

30 December, 2013      


  1. ~ This stunning poem was sent to me, by a friend and fellow-writer, on 21 December, of this year. It was skillfully penned by Dusti Rodes. I, busy with the holiday festivities, decided to post it, at a later date. However, grief and loss do not take holidays-of this I am quite certain. My brother-in-law, David, completed his earthly Journey, on Christmas Day, at 3p.m.. I then knew, as to why, I received Dusti's poem, at this time. I also realised how it would continue its Journey, out into the world.~ Dusti, thank you, for being a part of a much bigger plan, orchestrated by the Hand of God. For this, I extend my Heartfelt gratitude and appreciation.
    ~ Beannachtai a chara. ~ Beannachtai!
    ~You can locate Dusti's work
    Mile buiochas!
    ~ Beannaichte'!
    Alicia O'Hara

  2. "Alicia, My sincere condolences for your loss at this time, I am glad to have been of help in your time of need...... May God continue to travel with you always on this hard road of Life"