Thursday, December 26, 2013


~I've known rivers
 ancient as the world and older than the flow of blood in human veins.
My Soul has grown deep like the Rivers.
~Langston Hughes

       Going beyond fear begins when we examine our fear; our anxiety, nervousness, concern, and restlessness.  If we look into our fear, if we look beneath the veneer, the first thing we find is sadness, beneath the nervousness.  Nervousness is cranking up, vibrating all the time.  When we slow down, when we relax with our fear, we find sadness, which is calm and gentle. Sadness hits you in the Heart, and your body produces a Tear.  Before you cry, there is a feeling  in your chest and then, after that, you produce tears in your eyes. You are about to produce Rain or a Waterfall in your eyes and you feel sad and lonely and perhaps romantic at the same time.  That is the first tip of fearlessness, and the first sign of real warriorship.  You might think that, when you experience fearlessness, you will hear the opening to Beethoven's Fifth Symphony or see a great explosion in the sky, but it doesn't happen that way. Discovering fearlessness comes from working with the Softness of the human Heart.


26 December, 2013

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