Tuesday, August 2, 2016

" Olympians"

~ Courage
Doesn't  Always Roar.
Courage is the Quiet Voice
at the End of the Day
"I will try again,
~ Unknown
 2 August, 2016


  1. Hi Alicia,
    Just dropping in on you to say hello, and the tell you that I have been reading all of your posts (since we last conversed in fact) I hope that you have recovered from your brother-in-law's demise, or at least that the pain is easing.
    I really like this particular post , it is profound in its simplicity.
    I have published on another site that I am involved with a piece of work that I think may interest you. It is related to the fact that several years ago, an artist friend of mine, moved from Bristol to Glastonbury. He was down on his luck and needed the three months deposit and two months rent up front on a suitable place for him to both create and exhibit his works. I advanced him the money and said that as part repayment I would commission him to create a painting for me. I allowed him three months to create it, and gave him the title 'Act of Faith', as the only stipulation on content, style etc. He created the said work, and from that, my project was created. I will post the text here, I am not sure how maybe to send you the photo of the foresaid painting, but If you can let me know I would appreciate any assistance that you might give! I remain as always, your friend in Christ, Dusti x

    "*Hi, again, I have tried to put the complete piece on here, but it says it is too long. (Can only be a maximum of 4,096 characters) If you send an email with your email address to me at , I'll send you the complete piece . Thanks "

  2. Hello Dusti.
    It is always good to read your words.
    Thank you, for sharing the story , regarding the painting you previously commissioned. I would be most happy to receive a photo of it.
    I will send you my e-mail address, in the near future, as to receive a copy of your written work.
    I will be happy to post it to my blog, since that was your original intention. ~ Your work is most welcomed, here.
    Thank you, Dusti!
    I remain in Friendship.
    As Ever,