Thursday, June 26, 2014

" Things Worth Praising "

RainSoft rain.  Hard pelting rainSleet and snow.
Clouds: white, grey, darkA spring breeze.
The predictability of stars and moon and sun.

Green small hills.  Craggy slopes. Granite cliffs.
Topsoil deep and richThe melody of rivers.
The power of tides.  The cycle of change.

Industry of bee and wormSweet fruit that follows.
Microbes that make cheese.  Ones that cure us.
Profound cooperation that begets lichen.

Birdsong carried on wind.  The shadow of a horse
against a limestone wallA dog's warmth.

A friend's hand, reaching out for help or tea.
A sigh, a song, an honest smile, a body dancing.
Everything that connects and is connected

~ Patricia Monaghan 

26 June, 2014  

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