Saturday, October 29, 2011

" Nonsense"

29 October, 2011
       My day was hectic. And how was your day? I am disgusted by the nonsense people catapult into my life, on a daily basis. Personally, I am tired of it! I am no longer tolerant of it, and those who propagate it. Too simple? I suppose. Yet, perhaps when situations are seen at their lowest common denominator, that is when the tide can shift in thinking , and behavior, leading to wiser and more reliable decisions. I am tossing this out, as I am becoming exhausted, from using my best mental resources, to try and figure out nonsense. I believe this is the reason it is referred to, as "nonsense". Tricky stuff! Simply, it does not make sense, nor is it sensible! It then becomes "nonsensical", to attempt to find sound thinking, in any aspect of it!~ My day was hectic. And how was your day...Beannaichte'

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