Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"Walk with Me"

When you are thirsty, 
And no one will fill your cup for you;
When your well-dressed friends
Don't want you on their street;
When you're so far down the gutter looks up to you,
I'll still be kneeling at your feet.

When you can't  remember,
Where you left your laughter;
And you've forgotten the definition of your name,
When your yesterdays set fire to your ever-afters;
I'll reach down,
And pull you from the flames.

When at last,
Your bitter problems are behind you;
You've come out clean
And everything is done;
You'll realise I've been through it all before you,
Come and walk with me in the Sun.
4 March,2015

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  1. 20, November, 2011
    ~With the Holidays, close upon us, it may seem an inopportune time to address the issues of loss, illness, poverty,and homelessness.~Yet, these are issues that do not take a Holiday, and have reached their highest numbers, in history, on a global basis. There is no better time, to do something that will be working toward a larger solution.~The size of one's giving, does not matter. Doing something to address these ills, most certainly does matter! ~It is time to do whatever we can, as a Nation, as a People, and as a part, of a suffering World...It is time!