Saturday, March 21, 2015


Give you This
one Thought to Keep ~
I am With you Still,
I Do Not Sleep.

am  a Thousand Winds that Blow,
I  am the Diamond Glints on Snow;
am the Sunlight on Ripened Grain,
I am  the Gentle Autumn Rain. 

When  you  Awaken  in  the Morning's Hush,
I  am  the Swift, Uplifting Rush;
Of   Quiet  Birds  in Flight,
am  the Soft Stars;
That Shine at Night. 

DNot  Think of me as Gone~

I am With you Still,

in Each New Dawn.

~Native American Prayer

21 March, 2015

~In Loving Memory of my sister, Sharon:
I remember how you loved the above reading, as we shared it,
together, after our Mother's death.
For You: 
~I have seen you in the Light of a Thousand Suns...
~I have seen you in the Stellar Brilliance of a Million Stars... 
~Sail on Silver Star a Shining...Sail on.
We will walk, together, again.
Is' Brea ' Liom Tu'...
~I will Always Love You, Sharon.


  1. That's lovely, Ali!! And an amazing tribute to your sister! Hugs, Jan

    1. Dia duit Jan. It is always good to read your words. I appreciate you, a chara. Mile buiochas. ~Beannaichte'! Ali *hugs*

  2. "I have been away, Alicia, and just caught up with your messages on Twitter. I am really sorry to hear about Sharon, this entry here in your blog is beautiful and shows faith.
    I have been following your Sacred Space writings as well, and I feel that the unwritten lesson of Life that Easter teaches us is that without the pain of the events leading up to and happening on Good Friday, there could be no rejoicing on Easter Sunday. As with Sharon, her pain is gone and she is in a better place. My thoughts are with you at this time ... My regards,Dusti


    If I should not wake up one morning,
    Remember I love you.

    As the early morning sun
    Streams through the window,
    I will be in every ray.

    As you walk along an empty beach
    With seemingly just the sound
    Of the surf for company,
    It will be me saying I am here.

    In the midst of the greatest storm
    With a hurricane force wind blowing
    It will be me shouting,
    I am with you always.

    In the darkness of the night
    When you are sleeping
    And your slumber is disturbed
    By a sound that you are not sure
    That you really did hear
    It is only me whispering,
    I am ever near.

    Remember this,
    If I should not wake up one morning.

    (I dedicate this to the memory of Sharon, someone I ever never knew but would probably liked to have met.)


    In an oaken casket,
    On a glass-sided,
    Flower-bedecked hearse;
    Drawn by two magnificent
    Coal-black creatures;
    He slowly made his way through
    Crowd-strewn streets.
    On his way to his last appointment,
    Here on this earth.

    Having always been a quiet, private man;
    The pomp and pageantry of this auspicious occasion;
    Probably was in no way what he would have wanted.
    But it was merely a fraction of the public accolade,
    Of which he was truly worth.

    It seems to me,
    Somehow fittingly poetic,
    The fact that he was delivered into,
    And despatched from,
    All this mortal toil at last;
    On the very same January date.

    The only difference being, of course,
    Is that eighty-one years had passed.

    So it seems it's farewell, dear father.
    We must finally come to part.
    But I'll always remember you,

    In that very special place,
    In my ever grieving heart.

  5. Hello Dusti.
    I appreciate your visit, and your kind words.
    I agree, I think you would have liked meeting Sharon, very much, and she, you.
    Your poetry is an example of the bright-shining-gold-star man, I believe you to be.
    Thank you, dear sir.

  6. Beautiful words my dear friend. Sharon is looking down smiling at your love. Many blessings to you!

  7. Osiyo Redwolf. It is good to read your words, dear friend.
    I am Blessed to have such stunning, shining, beautiful friends-each one, so rich and generous in Spirit.
    Sharon and I shared a deep and abiding love. A love that is crystal clear, supported by each stellar word, left in each comment, today. It is a love that is shared amongst many...
    S'gi Redwolf. S'gi.