Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"Soul- Shards"

    ~ I do not think a day of my life will go by, that I will not think of you.

    You are my best Friend.

    You will be leaving this morning, to go to a different place, for continued care.

    I will miss you, dear Friend. I will miss you.

   Even though somewhere in the deeper recesses of my mind, and heart, I know it is time. Yes, it is time.
   You leave behind, many Soul-Shards. Yet, you take many with you, too.

   Some will be painful, as they will bring forth memories of the years we shared, together. Years that can no longer be.

   Others will leave me with a smile. It will be so easy, as we  laughed, and sometimes cried, about so many of the same things.

   When I see someone Signing, I will think of you.  I will  always be grateful for the wonderful language, that you and I shared. Yet, I will be sad, because I can no longer share it with you. 

   I will look at your chair. I will no longer see you struggle, as you begin to stand.     

   But you have always been brave, and you will continue to stand, without me.

   I will be grateful, for you taught me so much about patience and courage, in the face of harsh struggle.

   I will do my best to remember, I was always at your side to encourage you.  I must have learned how to be brave, too. 

   I will miss your silence, and your Hands that spoke to me, about so many things.

  I will continue to speak with my Hands, because it is a part of me, and who I am, after all these years...

  I will wish you every happiness, because that is so very easy to do. I hope you will wish me the same.

   But, for now , dear Friend; I will be grateful for every Soul-Shard you leave behind.

   Carry mine with you, easy, as I do not want your memories of me, to become a burden.

   And always remember; I am your Friend.

   I will never forget that you are my Friend ~ Forever.

                                                 Alicia O'Hara c.
                                                                  Written 3 December, 2011
                                                                 Posted on 17 February, 2016 
~To Dean: Tomorrow, is your Birthday. I wish you every happiness, on your Special Day, and for each new day, that is yet to come. ~ May Our Lord continue to hold you in the Palm of His mighty Hand ~ Forever!  ~ Happy Birthday! ~ 3 December, 2011
                                                                     ~ Bhur Chara,

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