Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"In Pastures Green"

has set me
in a place of pasture ~
 In Pastures Green?
Not always; sometimes He
Who knoweth best, in kindness 
leadeth me.
In weary ways, where heavy shadows be;
Out' of the sunshine warm and soft and bright,
Out' of the sunshine into the darkest night.
I oft would faint with sorrow and affright,
Only for this~ I know He holds my hand. 
so whether in a green or desert land,
I trust Him, though I do not understand.
And by Still Waters?
No, not always so;
Oft times the heavy tempests round me blow.
And o'er my Soul the waves and billows go.
But when the storm beats loudest 
and I cry ~
Aloud for help 
the Master standeth by ~
And whispers to my Soul,
"Lo it is I."
Above the tempest wild I hear Him say:
"Beyond the darkness lies the Perfect Day.
In every Path of thine, I lead the Way."
So whether on the hill-top high and fair
I dwell, or in the sunless valley,
 where the shadows lie~
What matter?
He is there.
Yea, more than this,
 where'er the Pathway lead ~
He gives me no helpless, broken reed.
But His own Hand,
sufficient for my need.
So where'er He leadeth
I can safely go;
And in the Blest Hereafter,
I shall know ~
Why in His Wisdom
He hath led me so.

~ From"Prayers of an Irish Mother,"
Compiled by, Mary Teresa Dolan
Dublin, Ireland

~ Beannaichte' 
23 February, 2016

~ To my Sister, my Irish Twin;
Sharon, May Our Lord continue to hold you, in the Palm, of His Mighty Hand.
 I Love You ~ Always!
 Your sister,
3 March, 2012

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