Thursday, February 12, 2015

"Love Endures"

We were impossibly young and so beautiful,
When we met and fell in Love.

You were the cool guy from the big city,
I was the shy small-town girl.

I bring you photographs of those days long ago, 
You look and smile and ask me who those people are.

I take your hand, it is warm and strong in mine,
You don't remember me, but you know we belong together.

I tell you the stories of these two young people,
You listen intently, and study their faces.

And look into my face,
With wonder in your eyes.

I have come to understand that it doesn't matter,
That you no longer remember who we were then.

It only matters that we can sit and hold hands,
While I tell you stories of our past.

Like an olde photograph, memory can fade away,

In the touch of hands, in a smile,
  In the wonder I see in your eyes.

12 February, 2015 

 ~A special note of gratitude, to Alex Kienow, for lending a hand with both skill and knowledge in the technical aspects, of computing. ~In addition, for demonstrating incredible patience and kindness, while importing the necessary information to my blog, regarding cancer awareness.  Thank you, Alex! ~Beannaichte'

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