Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Unyielding god"

a God of sorts~
many have Worshiped you,
pleading for  a little More
of the fleeting Gift you Give.
they have Waited for you,
only to Curse your Arrival.
you have Marched on,
totally Unaffected.
Middle, End,
Bitter Enemy, Fond Friend,

you are.
The Righter of Wrongs,
the Wronger of Rights,

you are.

Present, Past. 
The very Last of Laughs

you are...   

~Randy Jaroch

18 February, 2015

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  1. ~The day is closing out, and I think of you. Another year, another birthday, Dad. As the years go by, I think of you with an honesty and clarity, not afforded in my younger years. I am sure you were the first man, I loved. Yet, I realised, at a very early age, you could never really belong to us. Instead, you would be devoted, to causes, your work, your music, and the community. I sensed you never really could belong to anyone, or anyplace, for that matter. I think you tried, but it was something that never worked for you. You gave so much of yourself to a much bigger world. Yet, I understood, because I felt some of the same things, inside of me. I can remember looking into your eyes, and you were there, yet, you were in so many other places, too. Dad, you were so talented, intelligent, and driven. I have never known anyone, other, quite like you. I do not think I ever told you just how proud I was, and am, of you. You and I never wasted words between us~never. Yet, we each understood. You were never easily understood. Yet, I think you needed that shield to protect you from a world, that was oftentimes, so incredibly demanding and unfair. ~Your separation became your redemption. My Father, the musician, the man with the map of Ireland on his face...
    I Love You, Dad. ~You have always had a "special place" in my heart~a place where you could freely belong.
    My prayers will always be with you...
    Happy Birthday!
    Your Daughter,