Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Second Expulsion"

 love with a love 
that's set over you
 an airless tent.
My love confines you,
 as a net,
and binds you, as a Sacrament.
If  you would tower to be a man,
and be what I would have you be,
fear me and flee me,
 when you can-
be curt, be cruel, but be Free.
I am the strength to be withstood,
I am the kindness not to trust.
I may not keep you,
 though I would,
I would not lose you,
 and I must.
This let me learn,
 so hear me warn:
Woman's son must twice be born.

~Dilys Laing;

North Wales

23 August, 2012 

~To Brett: I wish you every Happiness on this, your "Special Day", and always. ~ May Our Lord continue to hold you in the palm of His mighty Hand!  ~Happy Birthday!  
24 August, 2012

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