Saturday, August 18, 2012

"To Forget"

If we really want to love,
we must learn to forgive.
~Mother Teresa

     Once labeled "timid as a mouse, but brave as a lion," Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross at age fifty-one. A woman of commitment, she continued to fulfill her mission throughout her golden years. She did not allow her age to get in the way. Clara went wherever there was suffering to relieve- after battle, fire, flood, earthquake, or yellow fever.  At the age of seventy-seven, she was on the battlefields of Cuba for the Spanish-American War.  She continued her relief work until she died at the age of ninety-one.
     One day, someone reminded her about an offense that another person had committed against her, years before.  But she acted as if she had never heard of the cruel act.
  "Don't you remember it?"her friend asked.
  "No,"came Clara's reply. "I clearly remember forgetting it."


   18 August, 2012

~As aforementioned, I have been blessed with a wealth of intelligent, creative, and caring friends, on Twitter.
My previous blog entry, entitled "Front Porches", spawned an idea. I truly love "front porches", and have done so, my entire life. It is a lovely place to visit with a friend and just "sit a spell." I thought about my Twitter friends, and how much I would love visiting with them in such a welcoming place. This is also my way of introducing you to this great group of people. As follows: I begin with the first people that helped me feel welcome, on Twitter. I hope you will pop in and visit them, too.

I begin with@IrishUSAMom. She authors a lovely blog@, as well.
Her blog is a definite "must see."

Next is Martine Brennan@mfamilycoach. She can also be found@ Martine can be found on various other sites, too. Any of her sites are well worth a visit.

Finally, for today, I would like to invite Liam. He can be found at Liam@GotIreland. He authors a blog, that is informative and creative, regarding Ireland. @

I invite you to make time in your busy day to" sit a spell", with these lovely people.  I assure you, they do not disappoint.
~From my "Front Porch,"

 Mile Buiochas!



  1. What a lovely post about forgiving and forgetting. I have been working on a post about "front porches", one of the reasons I love America. So nice to see you love them too. I think we could sit for hours on a front porch, just chatting. Thanks so much for your kind words about my blog. Blessings to you and yours!

  2. 19 August, 2012
    Hello Mairead.
    I appreciate your visit and generous words.
    I look forward to your blog entry, regarding "front porches". Though, we are unable to visit in person, I think the Internet has become a modern day "front porch", that lends us the opportunity to come and "sit a spell". For this I am truly grateful, as I can meet talented and caring people, such as yourself.

    Blessings to you, and yours, as well.
    Mile Buiochas!