Thursday, February 15, 2018

"Sacred Reverie"

I run
 with sheer force
My body  a shield against the Winter Wind
 Tearing at my skin, with an unleashed furry
I am not afraid
I must run.

The night is dark
No moonlight or shadow
Stars hidden by a captive curtain
My Soul  hungers for a Holy Freedom
I must run.

I push on into the night
Can't count the city blocks or miles
What lays behind, must remain behind
Now only relentless freezing rain
I must run.

My emotions raw, laid open
Tears freeze by the second
Piercing-Struggling- I continue onward
I must Not stop
I must run.

My Grief
 is Stripped in layers
Razor edged, by the Winter Wind
All thoughts a Sacred Reverie
All I know...
I must run. 

Alicia O'Hara
Copyrighted Material;. 9 December, 2012

15 February, 2018 

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