Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Sacred Tree"

The Olde Men Say the Earth Only Endures.
You Spoke Truly.
You Spoke Right.
                                                         ~Native American 

  did Not Know then
 How Much was Ended.
When I Look back now From this High Hill of my Olde Age,
I can still See the Butchered Women and Children
Lying Heaped and Scattered
all  Along the Crooked Gulch
as plain as When my Eyes Saw Them with Eyes still Young.
And I can See that Something  Else
Died  there  in the Bloody Mud,
and was Buried there in the Blizzard.
A  People's  D ream  Died  There.
It  was  a  Beautiful  Dream...
the  Nation's  Hoop  is Broken  and  Scattered.
There is No Center any Longer,
the  Sacred  Tree
 is  Dead.

~Black Elk 

24 February, 2013   

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