Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I   want to be Free  from the Noise of the Grind
SI  Live on  the Outskirts  of  the back of my Mind
With  a Stong  hand a Song man and God on my side
I'm Writing  my  Freedom  one Line  at a Time. 

On  the Highway  to Heaven  that Runs  through  my Mind
A yellow Line Stretches  out  into  the Night
Broken  in Places  it's  my Guiding Light
SI'm Writing  my  Freedom  a Line at  a Time.

I'm  Walking  a  fine  Line between Wrong  and  Right
I   can Live with  the  Problems of  this Day and Time
Consider me Lucky, because  I'll  be all Right 
In  my Mind  I'm  Having  a beautiful  Life.

I'm  Lost  in the Feelings of  this Heart  of  Mine
ISearch  for the Border of  InfiniteTime
I  find  Peace of  mind  in the Songs and  their Rhymes
I'm Writing  my Freedom  one Line  at a Time.

~Waylon Jennings

21 January, 2015 


  1. Always Loved Waylon growing up! Thank you for this! Blessings to you!

  2. Osiyo Redwolf. S'gi, for your willingness to visit , and leave a comment. I appreciate you! I began listening to Waylon's music two years, ago. His body of work is impressive, and even in death, he has many loyal followers. I enjoy Jessi Colter's music, as well. She and Waylon were married for many years, until his death. I am unsure if you are aware of this, but Waylon deeply respected the Native American, and this affection influenced his life and his work. He legacy remains with us, through lyric and song. ~We remember Waylon Jennings...We remember. S'gi, Redwolf. ~S'gi!

  3. You are very welcome my friend! I always enjoy your posts! It has been awhile but My dad and I listened to him back in the 70's and couldnt get enough. Yes I do remember the influence that Native America had on him. His music will continue to be amazing throughout time.
    Be well, many blessings and much joy to you!

  4. Very nice, Ali :-) Love reading your posts!

    ~ Beannaichte'!

  5. Hello Jan. Thank you, for your visit, and your willingness to leave a comment. It is always good to read your words. ~Beannaichte'!