Thursday, January 22, 2015

" The Key of Lonely"

~ She changes everything she touches,
and everything she touches Changes.
~ Carol P. Christ
The mercury continues to drop
It seems that Nature suddenly changed Her mind
As the temperature continues to plummet
The wind cries as if mourning and olde friend
It is an Ancient Lament; crossing all ages
It calls me to a place of muted patterns and colours-
Tonight, in the Key of Lonely.

The wind has quieted
 Reserving its energy for the colder days, yet to follow
 Inside  me, something resonates with this transitioning
Perhaps it is the memories of the years lived on the Plains
 A place that can be brutal , then kind, in the turning of an hour
Yet, it is forthright in its duplicity-
Played in the Key of Lonely.

The world is such a big and complex place
Here, Life is more straight-forward 
The moon and stars are seen clearly on a cold night
I never become tired of touching them with my gaze
The Constellations still hold the same Marvel for me
As when my Mother Gave me their names-
 While Preparing me, for the Key of Lonely.

She gave me so many treasures to store in my mind
 Teaching me, what can never be Lost; or Taken
She reassured me of the Goodness of Life, and Equanimity in Death
Her words Continue to warm me, on cold nights
Her infectious laugh, Fixed in memory
Reminding me, I am not alone on nights-
Played in the Key of Lonely.

In my Dreams she still Sustains me
 Oftentimes, pointing a Direction to follow
 Her Strength came from Facing the Harsh winters
 Struggle became Mapped on the terrain of her Heart
My Mother Knew the Harshness, and Beauty, of the Plains in winter
She understood, Grace and Dignity are often achieved in the Inner Landscapes-
In the Key of Lonely.

~ Alicia O'Hara c.
 Written;12 November, 2013
Posted; 22 January, 2015

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