Friday, April 29, 2016

"Irish Fable"

~ "Throw your  Heart over the Wall,
then Follow It!"

              Some time ago I read an Irish fairy story which told  how a mortal, on a fairy steed, went hunting with the fairies.  He had the choice of whether the fairy horse should become large enough to carry a man-sized man or be small enough to ride the horse as it was.
              He chose to become fairy-size and, after the magic was worked, rode gayly with the fairy king until he came to a wall so high he feared his tiny horse could not carry him over; but the fairy king said to him,
"Throw your Heart over the Wall, then Follow it!" So he rode fearlessly at the wall, with his Heart already bravely past it, and went safely over.
              I have forgotten most of the story and do not remember the name of the author, though I wish I did; but often I think of the fairy's advice.  Anyone who has ridden horses much understands how the Heart of the rider going over fairly lifts the horse up and across an obstacle.  And I have been told, by good drivers, that it holds true in taking a vehicle up a difficult hill.
              But the uplift of a Fearless Heart will help us over other sorts of barriers.  In any undertaking, to Falter at a crisis means Defeat.  No one ever Overcomes difficulties by going at them in a hesitant, doubtful  way.
              If we would win Success in anything, when we come to a wall that bars our way, we must throw our Hearts over and then follow Confidently.  It is fairy advice, you know, and savors of magic, so following it we will ride with the fairies of good Fortune and go Safely over.

~ Laura Ingalls Wilder
( November of "1922")

~ Beannaichte'
29 April, 2016

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