Monday, April 18, 2016


And Ruth said.
Urge me not to leave you
 or to turn back from following you;
for where you go
I will go,
and where you lodge
I will lodge.
Your people shall be my people
and your
God my God.
Where you die I will die,
and there I will be buried.
The Lord
do so to me,
and more also.
but death parts me 

~Ruth I: 16-17

 18 April, 2016 

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  1. ~Ruth's address to Naomi has been a favourite reading of mine, since I was a young child. What first drew me to it, is its
    poetic nature. As I grew older, it became equally favoured, and shared, between my Mother, my sister Sharon, and myself. Whatever your beliefs and/or understanding of the scriptures, this is a beautiful reading, regarding a geniune love that endures to the grave, and beyond. Yet, it is one that begins with the living, on this earth. Where else could such a revered and timeless love begin, other than in the Heavens...It is truly a Masterpiece.