Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Giving Anger Form"

~ Medical books of the Middle Ages discuss
Anger in the imagery of alchemy and astrology.
These images link Anger to several other qualities and help us
stretch our imagination of what Anger is all about.
Marsilio Ficino said that although Anger
is a problem,
it helps you to arouse  your feelings
and to purge them.
Anger helps you to confront your situation.
It stimulates you and helps overcome
any timidity you may have. 
It warms your entire being and gives your Voice
and your Actions  a firmness and sharpness
they need.
Ficino especially emphasizes how Anger
can strenghten your`Voice'
and make your resolve
firm and lasting.

~Thomas Moore;`Dark Nights of the Soul'
*Enya/V.B.                                                                                                           ~Beannaichte'(12-13-11)

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