Friday, July 27, 2012

"I Remember"

A roof 
to keep out the rain.
Four walls
to keep out the wind.
to keep out the cold.
but Home is more than that.
It is the laugh of a baby,
the Song of a Mother,
the Strength of a Father.
 of loving eyes,
from Happy eyes,
Kindness, Loyalty, Comradeship.
Home is
first school and first Church
for young ones,
where they learn what is right,
what is good,
what is kind.
 they go for comfort
when they are hurt or sick.
joy is shared and sorrow eased.
Where Fathers and Mothers
are respected and loved.
Children are Wanted.

27 July, 2012 

~We continue to send out our thoughts and prayers to the Families and Friends of those who were slain, or injured, in Aurora, Colorado. God bless you, and yours. ~Beannaichte'

~Today is the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England.
Our good wishes go out to all of the talented athletes, world-wide, who will be competing in the games. After such recent tragedy, this is a time of Celebration and Goodwill, throughout the world.
Let it be so... ~Beannaichte'  

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