Sunday, July 29, 2012

" The Masterpiece"

   The Master awaits, chisel in hand.  I say,"Okay, I'm ready," and I brace myself for the process. "This will hurt a little, He warns, and it will not be easy. You will often feel discomfort and will want to quit.
But trust Me.  I am here the entire way."
At that, He began to chisel.
He is chiseling away what is unnecessary.  He is smoothing and adding definition.
"What if you make a mistake?" I ask."How do you put it back on?"
He smiles and whispers to me, "I never make mistakes.  I will never need to add pieces either, because the Masterpiece is already within.  It is just hidden."
And He continues to chisel away, ever so gently.
 It does hurt occasionally, and I catch myself doubting His work when I see certain pieces fall, yet I still trust His skilled hands.
At times throughout the process, I feel all alone and scared, because I can't see Him anymore.
I call out to Him and He comes out from behind me.
"It is okay," He says, " I am here, I was just working from a different angle."
The process is long and sometimes I do want to quit. "Are you almost done?" I ask. " I don't like the uncomfortableness or the pain." " I understand," He replies, "but wait until you see the result.
Just wait!'
 His eyes sparkle in response.
I am beginning to feel lighter and more alive. He is just smiling and working away.
"Ouch! That was a very painful cut," I exclaimed, with tears in my eyes.
To my surprise, He had tears, too. " I know, but it was necessary."
And so the process continued.
I didn't understand all of His approaches  or ideas, but I continued to trust.
Finally, He stopped and stood in front of me. I thought it meant He was finished.
" I am not done. This is a life-long process," He said.  
"Well, why did You stop?" I asked, actually not minding the break , at all.
With tears rollind down His face, and a look of Love in His eyes, He said, "I just had to stop and admire My Masterpiece. This is truly the greatest one, yet. You will be amazed when I am finished.
This is a Masterpiece."
Then, He wiped away His tears, bent down and picked up His chisel, and carefully resumed His work.


28 July, 2012

 ~To Pennie Suzanne; I wish you every Happiness and Blessing, on this, your 'Special Day',
and always!

Happy Birthday!

I Love You!

30 July, 2012

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