Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I hear the song the blackbirds sing,
The rush of mountain waters, tis Spring;
The corn lifts its ears without a sound,
Church bells ring all around.
The dormouse flits in and out,
A little squeak, he cannot shout;
A boy, a flash, and then a scream,
Is this the end, or just a dream.

Darkness fell in a murky cloud,
"It's only midday", said the voice out loud;
Oh my God, what has gone wrong,
Why is the burn and the hurt so strong.
In the distance, yet another boom,
I glanced around, I saw the gloom;
Mummy! Mummy! Came the child's scream,
Mummy had gone and could not dream.

My Heart is pained, but I recall,
This forest, these trees, once so tall;
Burning timbers still remain,
No more life in wooden veins.
Puffing, panting, breathing smoke,
I try to breathe, don't want to choke;
How I wish I could scream,
Just to wake, make this a dream.

My brothers and sisters, are they near,
Their future is my greatest fear;
For myself, I am not so sad;
In this world , so big, so bad.
The so-called super powers of late,
They've disagreed and sealed our fate;
Wait! That sound, I heard a scream,
I am awake, it was a dream...

~Eddie Barber

11 July, 2012 


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  1. 11 July, 2012
    Eddie was my friend. He died last September in his beloved U.K. He was a soldier, and had seen active combat. He hated war. He loved life, family, friends, animals, and music. This was the only poem he ever wrote. He wrote it after having a dream about war-one of many.He believed in what he had to do as a soldier. Yet, he had no illusions, regarding war. He died hoping for a better world for all. Eddie was a good man. He was my friend. I miss him.

    We Remember, Eddie...We Remember.
    Bhur Chara,
    ~Beannaichte'!~An Irish Lady.