Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Anam Cara Poem"

I pictured you like this~
There is something in your eyes,
Some quality in your speech.
That puts me in the mind, of another time.
Long ago, you were out of reach...
I can't say where or how, but I have known you for long, long, time.
Do you remember me? Am I familiar, too?
I have looked for you, each place I've been...
My Soul has searched for you, from a distant place in time.
My Heart goes out to you, like a magnet strikes to iron.
I can no more ignore the force, than a moth drawn to a fire.
~An empty space was left inside my Heart,
And caused an ache, that would not cease, 
until I found the missing Part.

One day, if I disappear,
And I am gone for good.
Remember, when I was here, and we both understood.

And if you go away~
If we are far apart...
I'll keep you safe and warm,
in a secret corner of my Heart.
~Until we meet again, in another place in time.
~Then, I hope you will not forget,
You are a Friend of Mine. 
                                     ~ To My Forever Friends... 
                                                                                                          6 November, 2011


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