Thursday, November 17, 2011

"To Sharon, from Marianne"...

               As some of you know, my Sister is fighting an on-going battle, with cancer.
         Earlier, last evening, I received a post, from a friend, who is aware of Sharon's struggle. The following, are her words , for my Sister; as follows:                                                                             
         Sharon, I do not know what type of cancer you have, or what stage it has reached...but I can only imagine, this is a very tender time. I care about you, even though we have not met. I feel as if I know you.
        Maybe you smile, but I know you cry, too. Sometimes, you feel warm and cozy, and sometimes, you feel cold, empty, small, tired, and alone.
        You lay awake, but you dream.~ You are standing, at a crossroad, in thick fog, lost for a direction. 
        Yet, you want to put up a fight against a disease of pain, devastation, and sadness, you do not deserve.
       We can not see the beyond the Road...but we do know, it will lead us all, some day, into Infinity.
       I give you an encouraging hug, and a warm smile, Sharon...
       ~Sail on life's silver river, winding, with Courage and Faith.
       ~I pray for peaceful waters, and God's embrace.

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