Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Letting Go"

~The Autumn Season makes it clear to me, as no other, the need for`letting go'. 
The trees speak this language, as they drop their leaves.  So beautiful , in all their rich autumnal colours, eventually  making their descent to the earth, below.  They do not hold on,  as it is  time to let go.

The flowers that have graced us with their parade of colours, have let go of their  blossoms, to rest until their next seasons, as to gift us once, again. 

Even the sky takes on a different cast, as if saying goodbye to the bright azure blues, we have known 
in earlier months.

The birds are flocking, as they prepare for their long journey to a distant, warmer, climate. This is perhaps one of my favourite sights, of the Season. It is truly a thing of beauty. It is also one of the saddest, as I watch them disappear into the gray sky, of Autumn. I am amazed by their ability to follow their course, so swiftly and steadily.  I am equally saddened to know the perils that lay ahead of them.

Perhaps, this is a Season that can lead us into a deeper understanding of ` letting go'. Its necessity, its process, and  purpose, in the rhythm  of all aspects of life. 

Unlike the human condition, Nature is not prone to sentimentality, other emotions, or mindsets. It is practical, and follows a path. If that path is altered, it will usually readjust, as to follow its own natural course. There is no questioning or analyzing, only a definiteness of purpose.

Nature is honest. It speaks the truth of its circumstances, whether we like it or not. No matter.

Nature is guided by hope. A hope that for everything that must diminish, something new will take its place...

In my years, it has been difficult for me to understand , and accept, the language of `letting go'. Now, I realize it is a necessary part of the Journey.~ A path that is not misguided, as I once believed , but one that is traveled with a definitive Hope...
                                                                                                      ~Beannaichte' *
                                                                                                                                 8 November, 2011
* when I began my blog, in October of this year, this post would become the most viewed, of  my entries.
 I think that is perhaps because its content is relevant. I enjoyed the opportunity to write and share it, with each one of you.
Perhaps, it is equally relevant as we near the closing of yet, another year...
I  hope you will enjoy it, as we continue in the Journey, together...  Thank you! ~Beannaichte'
                                                                                                                               30 December, 2011

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