Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Everyday Grace"

Dear God,
I give You this morning.
Please take away
My despair of yesterday.
Help me to forgive the things
That caused me pain
And would keep me bound.
Help me to begin again. 
 Please bless my path
And illumine my mind.
I surrender to You
The day ahead.
Please bless every person
And situation
I will encounter.
Make me who You would have me be,
That I might do as You would have me do.
Please enter my Heart 
And remove all anger,
Fear and pain.  
Renew my Soul
And  free my Spirit.  
Thank You, God,
For this Day.

                                                             ~Marianne Williamson 


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  1. November,2011
    ~This is a poem, from a book, written by Marianne Williamson, entitled `Everyday Grace'.
    I found a copy of it, two years, ago, at my local library. ~Another close friend of mine, was in the last stages of cancer, and I needed something that could help me, while going through this dark time. I sent copies of this, to both he and his wife. She related,that it was of great comfort to her, as it was to me. I also, sent a copy of it , to my sister. Not knowing, that she would be diagnosed in the fourth stage, of cancer, within the next two months.~ I am grateful, for the finding of Ms.Williamson's book. ~I will always be grateful, for this particular reading, as it continues to bring solace, to both, my sister and me...