Monday, November 28, 2011

Sacred Space | Daily Prayer Online

Sacred Space | Daily Prayer Online

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  1. 28 November, 2011
    This is a wonderful site, that I have visited, many times, throughout the years. It has always been kind too me, and given me what I am needing, at the time. I hope you will find the same, during your visit. It truly is a Sacred Space.~ It is a prayerful site, as well. ~I think of a friend of mine, in Texas. She always says," Nothing is as Powerful as Prayer. Nothing!" As I read her words, they bring joy and encouragement, to my heart. ~Something I believe we are in need of, throughout the world. ~Let us remember, to pray for one another. ~I personally ask for your prayers, at this time. Though, I quite possibly, do not know you~God does. Simply, I pray for you, too. Your words are welcomed , if you would like to leave a comment.~ Thank you, so very much!
    Bhur Cara, Beannaichte'